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System Update Log

8 April 2019:

Business Intelligence updates

Over the last quarter we have introduced some new features in RegistryOffice Business Intelligence.  If you would like to enable these features, please contact your Account Manager.

  • Improvements to Campaign Manager
    • The campaign functionality in RegistryOffice Business Intelligence provides valuable insight into how your Registrars are performing both before, during and after a campaign period.  
    • A summary of the most recent changes to the Campaign Manager are as follows:
      • Ability to manually add, edit and delete campaigns from the Campaign Dashboard
      • Addition of Campaign Types and Categories fields.  Campaigns can now be filtered based on these categories, so you can monitor similar types of campaigns.
      • Ability to change the wholesale price and or COGS per campaign.
  • Budgeting Tracking
    • RegistryOffice Business Intelligence can track your performance vs. budget on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis.  This is displayed visually in your transaction report.


  • MoSAPI
    • The ICANN Monitoring System API (MoSAPI) can be enabled and visualised on your Business Intelligence dashboard. With the MoSAPI, you can check the the ICANN status of RDDS, DNSSEC and DNS.  Please note that the EPP status has not been enabled by ICANN.


  • API Access
    • Included in your Business Intelligence service is access to our API.  The API will give you access to all the data you have stored in RegistryOffice.  Uses of this data include integration of information on your website.

Abuse Monitor updates

As you may have noticed, we have added some new features to Abuse Monitor. Here is a summary of recent changes 

  • Logged in user will be set as default agent when Bulk edit feature.
  • New Priority field in dashboard and case view. Case agent can set a priority for the case to either lowest, low, medium, high or highest. Default setting is set to medium.
  • User Management updated so agents can select/deselect to receive daily abuse reports by email.
  • “In Source” field added to dashboard view.
  • Improved logic to check if a label is still “In Source”.
  • Case reminder feature improved
  • Additional information added to email templates when the reputation feed is HpHosts.

Abuse Monitor has a function to automatically close cases for spam and cases where the incident is “no longer in source”. As handling spam is not a requirement in the RA Spec 11.3B, registries may wish to automatically close spam cases. Cases will still be able to be found in the dashboard, and if there is another source reporting the same domain name, the case will remain open.  The latter function will automatically close cases that are no longer being reported by the reputation feed.

For both of these features, all reported cases are stored and can be viewed by filtering from the dashboard.  If you wish to enable these features, please email us at

If you have special requirements for the Abuse Monitor email templates, we can tailor this for you.

18 December 2018:  New Features and Updates

We have been busy updating RegistryOffice with new features and improvements since Barcelona. Here is a summary of some of the changes we have made.

Business Intelligence

  • Campaign Dashboard
    • Added Renewal reports per campaign
    • Support for campaigns based on list of domains.  This allows Registries to upload a list of domains to a campaign which will then be used to calculate key performance metrics.
    • Ability to modify COGS on a campaign basis
    • Ability to sort by Campaign type
  • Retail Price Logger
    • We are now tracking over 30 Registrars retail prices.  This information can be used to view the sales performance based on price, and compare your TLDs prices with competitors.
    • Prices are currently only accessible through the RegistryOffice API, with reports in RegistryOffice coming soon.
  • Premium Names
    • Premium name report is available.  This report will show sales from EPP.  This report also includes premium renewal revenue.
    • The beta version of Premium Names Inventory manager is now available.  Premium names inventory manager allows you to manage your premium inventory.  Direct sales registered through inventory manager will then be included in the statistics.

Abuse Monitor

  • Auto-close functions.
    • Automatically close SPAM cases from Spamhaus.  these reports will still remain in the system but they will be automatically closed.
    • Automatically close cases that have been removed from the source.
  • Upgrades to reports
    • Upgraded report features
    • New report to show cases created within the Add Grace period.  This allows the Registrars to delete domains without incurring any additional cost
  • Improved filtering
    • Added abuse source, create date and Registrar to filtering options

If you would like a more information or a demo of these features, please contact your account manager or email

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