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Registrar Campaign Tracking – 4 minute intro

Subject Matter: Update on the latest new key features and benefits of the RegistryOffice Business Intelligence “Campaign Tracker” tool.

This is one of the most utilized tools among our customers as it keeps and structures all data related to registrar marketing campaigns and activities.  It removes the guesswork from how your campaigns are performing.

Among several other new features, it now supports a campaign that you may run on top of or within another campaign, such as a 48 hour flash sale at the same time another campaign is running with a registrar or multiple registrars.

Recorded: 26 Aug 2019

Abuse Monitor  – 6 Minute Demo

Subject Matter: Overview of the ICANN Compliant Abuse Monitoring and Case Management service for Registry Operators. Learn more at

Recorded: 30 Nov 2018

Premium Name Inventory Manager Intro

Subject Matter: 4 minute overview of the new Premium Names Manager added to RegistryOffice Business Intelligence dashboard. Also a quick showing of a new feature added to the optional domain name Abuse Monitoring and Case Management tool.

Recorded: 5 Oct 2018

Campaign ROI Tracking & Expiry/Renewal Reporting 

Subject Matter: A 7 minute high level view of the Registrar Campaign and Domain Expiry/Renewal report features.

Recorded: 19 Mar 2018

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